Relevant information is not always available in the libraries and cyber world. Very often a highly coordinated team work in the fields is required to get the desired information. Till now Samvad media has effectively executed multiple field assignments. Some of the areas where we resort to field survey and studies are mentioned below:

Opinion poll before elections:

Election management is developing as a fast growing area of business. For the past few years we are providing our services to various political parties, individual candidates and media organisations. Dedicated team of professionals executes the task of opinion poll effectively in a time bound manner.

Survey and cataloguing of heritage sites:

India is a rich country when it comes to the availability of heritage sites. Over the years we have developed special skill to catalogue the heritage sites of India in a very focused and detailed manner. We are doing this work both independently and also for some government agencies.

Finding GPS coordinates of designated locations:

Today GPS is everywhere. Variety of uses of this technology is being devised to make the life easier. We have compiled the GPS locations of many cities, villages and other entities for multiple uses like, navigation, disaster management, medical emergency, land records etc.

Who is who survey:

We have conducted extensive field surveys to publish who is who books of different geographical and subject areas. Such books form the basis of many business and social endeavors. Our Company is pioneer in providing this service having extensive applications in all walks of life.

Survey of geographical features/infrastructure

Government agencies need extensive data on geographical features like water bodies, public ponds, building of schools and colleges, tourist spots, health centres and roadside settlements etc. We provide these services in a time bound manner whenever required.