In the field of Communication, we have given a very extensive meaning to the term ‘Services under one roof’. Whatever be the need of the client, we keep ourselves always ready to provide a multiple support services so far as communication is concerned. Following list is enough to prove our claim:

Event Documentation:

Most of the time people spend lot of money in organizing the big events. However, when it comes to the documentation of such events, they have nothing except raw video footage and dumb album. This is so, because they do not convey anything if the organizer itself is not available to explain. Contrary to this we produce reports, albums and video which are self explanatory.

Public Events and Shows:

As per the need of our client we organize and manage street plays, exhibitions, road shows, screening of films, public seminars, rallies with specific objective. These services are being utilized by political parties, commercial organisations etc.

Image Management:

Samvad Media has the expertise to integrate miscellaneous media tools to create the most effective system of management. This service is very popular among the politicians, especially during the election days.

Designing and Printing:

Designing and Printing is integral part of any communication package. We have in-house team of designers. For printing purpose, we use the services of leading printers keeping in view the need of our customers.

Creative Writing:

If the client has any idea and need, we have the writers to give them proper words. Whether it is brochures, booklets, Souvenirs, Manuals, Profiles, Prospectus, we help our clients to bring quality literature to suit their need. Sometimes writing is very short, but it requires high level of creativity like writing Copy for advertisement, slogans, songs, jingles, ringtones and speeches. We have a pool of creative writers and artists who help us to fulfill the need of our clients.

Thematic photography:

Photography becomes much more effective and communicative if it is done with a vision. We have highly trained and skilled professionals who do their job to make thing different.

Translation from English to Hindi and Vice Versa:

Translation constitutes one of the core areas of our competence. We have provided our translation services to number of Government Agencies, PSUs, Corporate Houses, Ad Agencies and Educational Institutions.

Data Management:

Data constitutes the power in this age of information technology. However, if not used properly it becomes a liability. We use special softwares to manage the data generated at different level. Effective management of data helps our clients to take better and timely decisions.

Research and Study:

Unlike field surveys, sometimes information has to be collected from the libraries, museums and archives. We do this work sometimes for our clients and sometimes for our own requirements. We know what can be acquired from which sources.


Samvad Media is a reliable name in the field of communication related training. We provide our training services in Language skills, Secretarial Practices, Basic computer software, Internet usage and communication strategy.

Communication Feed on specific topics/issues:

We provide our communication feed services to different organisations giving them feed from TV, Newspapers and Internet on any given topic in a specific or general time frame.

Advertising Solutions:

Samvad Media has tie up with leading Advertising Agencies of the Country. Whenever necessary, we take their services for print, outdoor and electronic advertising. We also offer the internet advertising to our clients.

Media Supplies:

Communication is not always a soft skill. Sometimes it is more related to hardware. Our company also takes care of this. We supply Magazines, Books, Computer hardware, Stationery items, learning/ educational material, Audio-video devices, Organizational Diaries, Calendars, Posters, Stationery, identity cards etc. to our clients.