Magazines and Newspapers are the time tested tools of public communication. Samvad Media has over the time acquired deep understanding of the periodical publication business. All dimensions of periodical publication are taken care of by our expert professionals. Read below about some of our special features:

Extensive Range:

In the past few years we have published a wide range of newspapers and magazines for host of individuals and organisations. Just have a look to the categories covered by us:

  • Constituency Journal for politician
  • Annual Reports for corporate and government organisations
  • In-house Organizational Newsletter
  • Client Bulletin for leading professionals like Doctors, Advocates, Investment Companies etc.
  • Magazines for schools, colleges and other educational institutions
  • Community/ Caste Magazines
  • Academic Research Journals
  • Trade Union Bulletins
  • Commercial magazines for public circulation

Registration services:

Registrar of Newspapers of India is the supreme authority in the field of periodical publication. They allot name and subsequently RNI No. to each publication. Similarly ISSN is issued to research journals. We guide our clients to get these registrations smoothly.

Content, Designing and Printing Support:

Keeping in view the nature and policies of the periodical, we take the responsibility of collecting articles and reports for the magazine along with proof reading, editing, translation and designing of the magazine. Similarly printing and circulation is also taken care of, if the clients so wishes.

Multilingual Services:

We provide our services both in Hindi and English languages. Along with original content, we also arrange for the quality translation. One of our specialty is that we follow strict style sheet regarding proof reading and copy editing of the text.