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We at Samvad Media, do all the efforts to make book publication more accessible to the persons who have something special to share. Till now we have published score of titles in Hindi and English covering topics related to Biography, History, Health, Heritage, Directories, Who is who, Govt. information and policies, Research works, information related to districts of India and many more. Let us have alook to some of our specialties.

Personalized Biography Writing Services:

We believe that every Individual has the duty to document the life history of his father/grand father, mother/grand mother, in the same way as he/she prepares the video and album of his/her sons and daughters. Biography of senior citizens is the best gift to our future generations. Our dedicated team does all the leg work to compile the details of the concerned person. Senior writers are engaged to put all the collected information in a creative form of writing. We also encourage each Individual to write his/her own biography.

Ph.D. Research Works:

Thousands of research scholars are doing their Ph.D. in different Universities of India. Most of such research work gets un-noticed among most of the publishers. We are making a difference in this trend. We do regular screening of research works and choose the best for publication.

E Version of Books:

Every year thousands of readers are buying E readers like Kindle to read books. Keeping in view of this development, we are bringing out e version of all important books which we are sending for printing. There are some of the works which we have brought only in the E-version. We hope to come up with more E-books both in the Hindi and English language.

Advertising through Books:

A large number of popular books are free from any copyright law. We try to bring out such books at very economical rates by encouraging people to sponsor them. Advertising through books is a new proposition which we are trying to explore.

E -Marketing via Flipkart and Amazor:

Along with traditional methods of book marketing, we heavily rely on online shopping portals to sell our books. Our books are available on flipkart, Amazon and other portals where buyers from anywhere in the country/ world can buy our books.

Partnership Program with Authors:

We have a scheme of sharing the risk and profit of prospective publications with the Authors. This makes us more liberal in accepting manuscripts for the publication.