In the modern world, communication can not be said to be complete, unless it is manifested in the cyber world. Therefore, we have given full importance to this revolutionary medium of communication. We provide and undertakes following kind of works

  1. Website creation and management
  2. Search Engine Optimisation of any specific content
  3. Development of mobile applications
  4. Social Media Management
  5. Adaptation of books and other published content for websites/ e-readers
  6. GPS marking of designated locations.

Operational features of our online/digital solutions can be summarized in the following heads

Synchronization of Skills:

Making and running a good website involves effective synchronization among several group of professionals and skills like, content writers, designers and web developers. Having strong presence and exposure in all forms of media communication, we at Samvad Media find it easier to understand and implement the expectations of our clients.

Integration of online resources:

While devising communication strategy for our clients, we effectively integrate all the available resources and social media tools available on the net. This improves the communication potential manifold.

Online Hindi usage:

Language plays a crucial role in the communication strategy. This is also true in the field of online solutions. We have rich experience in using Hindi Language at all levels of cyber communication.

Latest Technology:

The field of cyber communication is highly dynamic. Here the pace of change in technology is very fast. Our team of professionals keeps constant watch on the changing technology and adepts to the changes whenever necessary and useful.